Ticket Deletion / Mark as Spam Redundancy


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  • Dan Cooper
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    You may be able to do the following to help accomplish this workflow:

    1. Create a macro that adds a spam tag to the ticket
    2. Filter tickets with the spam tag from agent views
    3. Have someone with the right permissions bulk update all of those tickets to spam/delete as required
  • Lila Kingsley
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    FYI I came here to submit a similar similar product feedback suggestion about mark as spam.  For us the delete is an issue for 2 reasons, 1) we do not want to grant delete to anyone but admins, 2) there is no way to report on "mark as spam"

    Instead we use a macro which tags the ticket AND solves it.  We don't use the workflow suggested above because we don't want to have a 2nd person work a ticket ONLY to mark it as spam.   Please consider changing how the delete permission works to allow users without it to still mark emails as spam!



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