Zendesk Trigger Naming Best Practices

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  • Pedro Rodrigues

    We've got eight brands, thousands and thousands of tickets, so we need to use both:

    • Section separators named "=======XX-SECTION=======" with dummy conditions (ticket is created, if tags contain "qwerty123456789", delete tags "qwerty123456789")
    • Naming convention: "BRAND :: C/U :: GROUP :: CHANNEL :: ACTION" (where C stands for Created, U for Updated). Any "untouchable" triggers begin with "ADMIN :: (...)".

    Although I do understand the "hackiness" of the section separators (false triggers), they do come in handy since I can sum those sections up in internal documentation, explain their purpose, etc. Any admin will then understand why a specific trigger must be placed within a specific trigger family, and by having them we also avoid trigger positioning mistakes.

    I'd be happy to learn about other methodologies, however!

  • Justin Pease

    Pedro: That's a good point. The combination of both approaches may be best, or at least the best we can do with current features.



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