Apply multiple user segments to a single article

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  • Angéline Nguyen
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    We encounter the same issue. Our workaround is to create extra user segments combining different groups.

    For example, if we have 3 different groups, A, B and C, we'll need 7 user segments:

    1. A
    2. B
    3. C
    4. AB
    5. AC
    6. BC
    7. ABC

    This is manageable for accounts with few groups. In our case, we have more than 10 groups, and still growing, so the workaround is no longer working, as it's not viable at all.

  • Kenneth Nuckols
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    I will echo the request Mercedes made and the situation Angeline described. We are adding more and more internal users to our Guide solution as more departments want to store their process information in our KM solution. 

    Thank you!



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