Recipe required for ticket status changes


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  • Niels

    Hi, would anyone be able to help me with this?

  • Nhia Lor
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Niels,

    Thank you for your patience whilst we got back to you.

    I've had a look into this for you and based on my own testing using the "Ticket Events" dataset in my own test account. The custom metric formula you provided worked when I used lower case characters for the attribute values.


    IF ([Changes - Field Name] = "status"
    AND [Changes - Previous Value] = "new"
    AND [Changes - New Value] = "pending")
    THEN [Ticket ID]

    Could you please try this on your end and let me know the results?

    Hope this helps with producing the results you were after. If you still run into any difficulties with this please let me know and I'll be glad to help!

    Best regards,
    Nhia Lor.

  • Niels

    Hi Nhia,


    Thanks - this seemed to work!



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