Emojis available for end customers


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  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Sahard,

    Thanks for posting your feedback. Emoji support is not universal across desktop and mobile devices/browsers which makes it challenging to make it part of the widget. Some emojis are not available or render different depending on the device the visitor is using.

    If the visitor uses the emoji picker on their smartphone or tablet, the widget will send it over and it will render correctly. For desktop visitors, they can use the native emoji picker of the computer if it is available. On a Mac, you can open the emoji picker using Command + Ctrl + Spacebar. For Windows 10 visitors, they can use the software keyboard that it offers.

    We have no immediate plans to offer a native emoji picker in the chat widget in 2018. 



  • Neil Skilton

    Just adding some feedback that our customers have requested a native emoji picker when using Zendesk Chat. Unsure whether this is something that'd be revisited, but it's something we'd love to see! Thanks Zendesk. ✌️



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