[Chat] Allow Ability to Delete Attachments and Redact text


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  • Kai Zhou
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    Hi 春日,

    Thank you for your feedback. We are looking into requests on ability to delete attachments and are wondering if you could tell us a little more about your use case? For example, how often do you receive such attachments?

    For redaction of text in a chat, we are currently able to automatically detect redact credit card information only, The workaround for your request is to delete the chat, which contains sensitive information in the chat history

    Thank you again!



  • Becky
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    Allowing the Ability to Delete/Redact Attachments from Chats ...We need this ability to delete attachments during a live chat not after the fact thru the history.  This could be a HUGE potential issue in sending incorrect information to the wrong customer.  Please advise if this is being considered as an improvement to your product?  Thank you

  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
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    Hi Becky,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback. Currently, attachment deletion is only available once the chat session has ended and there are no plans in 2018 to offer deletion during an active chat session.

    If/when we add this functionality, we will let you know.



  • Stephen Belleau
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    Being able to redact from chat history is really important. It's not ideal to have to delete the entire thing just because a customer shared sensitive info. We still want to preserve the record.



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