Notification of incoming chat


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  • Donato Dileo


    is there any news?

  • Yunen Yeo

    Hi Cheryl,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    I agree that we can do a better job changing the tab title or displaying some sort of notification for transfer chats and agent-agent chats. For now, we have no plans, but we will keep your feedback in mind as we plan our roadmaps for the future

  • Mandy Major

    + 1 on this! Would also like to see improvements when you transfer a chat to another agent.  Just a notification or pop up in eye-catching colors would drastically help our agents stop "missing" chats if they don't hear the transfer notification.

  • Natalie Cherwin

    Agreed, most of our agents do not stay in the chat window since we have other duties. I have to call people on my office phone to let them know I'm transferring a chat...



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