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  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Kundenbetreuung,

    Thanks for the feedback. Ultimately, you are asking for rich text formatting support within the chat dashboard/widget.

    We agree this is something that should be added but isn't something planned in the immediate roadmap (next 6 months).

    It would be a fairly substantial change to the service and would touch multiple components, including shortcuts and triggers.

    If/when we add support for rich text formatting, we will update you here.



  • Dumitru Lungu

    Good suggestion, will be better to can insert HTML

  • Jamie Noell

    Chat is meant to be a brief conversation option, so it seems fitting that a brief, easy to read hyperlink would be preferable. Sure, we can use something like a bit.ly shortener, but just regular words are easier and faster to read.

  • Heather Cook

    I'm not sure why we can add hyperlinks to text in every other part of Zendesk but not Chat. Especially as chat is a much smaller screen compared to Guide and Support, which means the full URL takes up a lot of space and looks dreadful. Poor functionality on Zendesk part.

  • Chris Brogan

    I have similar use cases to all those mentioned here. I really don't get why this is such a problem to implement. This should be out of the box functionality. Many chat competitors offer this out of the box. I'm looking to switch providers because of this.

  • Stevie

    Has there been any movement on this (3 years ago)

  • Doris Osgood

    So almost 3 and a half years from the original request and no update, no movement? 
    Is this in the queue? Is this even in the list to get to yet or not at all?

    My CEO has just made a request for a response to be created in our shortcuts with three links and I am have to go back and report that Zendesk chat does not provide this.  

    Seriously, even our company provides that in our App.  

  • Victor

    4 years later... 


  • Riko

    Any news on this? It has been very nice.....long.....and cool....and quiet 4 years! I hope you are seeing this Zendesk. We are paying customers...and yet can't get simple things that we need to be done for 4 years....

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    I can't speak to this request specifically, but one thing I can share is a bit about how features are prioritized. 

    Community requests are one of many factors that the product managers use to determine what should be built. Other factors include things like future roadmap plans, whether some other functionality has to be built first, how many customers a given feature impacts and how significant the business impacts are, the direction that the market or industry is going, etc. 

    Longevity of a post in the community is not a major contributing factor. Many requests are old but have few votes, or just have never been the single most important thing when you look at all of the things on the list and have to pick the top handful. 

    I know it's frustrating to see things linger, and we're working on some new ways of handling user feedback so that feedback threads do not stay open for years and there is more transparency around feature requests. You can expect to see better processes implemented soon. 



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