Chat log recorded in Zendesk has incorrect Timezone


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  • Spencer Schmerling
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    Call it what you want Dean - bug or design flaw. Either way, it makes using your chat tedious. Considering you haven't fixed it in four years, I'm done waiting. We are going to look at other options. 

  • Tim
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    Hi Dean,

    I am pretty confident that no one here cares what you call it. The problem is that this was raised as an issue for users 4yrs ago and other than a vague response back then there has been no word from you guys since.

    It is probably worth addressing the bigger issue here that it takes 4yrs to get a user issue recognized and even then the recognition you receive is "we might do something about this in 6 months or so".

    I hope you guys aren't too surprised when you customers start transitioning to other products with companies who value user led development.

  • Flavio Lira
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    Fast-followers, on your marks!

  • Cameron Greenfield
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    I'd agree that showing in UTC and putting that in front of customers doesn't lead to an ideal user experience.

  • Kyle K.
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    The fact that the time shown is "correct UTC time" does not mean that this isn't a bug. You sell a product that covers numerous timezones, give your users the ability to setup their own timezones. 

    The bigger issue here is how these problems are handled, deferred, and ignored. I have no faith this gets done and I won't bother posting on your forums anymore. We don't want your macro replies, we want fixes.  

  • Dean Kenny
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    Thanks for the feedback everyone.

    We hear you all and your use cases for sure — these aren't being ignored. 

    I will be sure to update you guys if there are any changes to our plans going forward.

    Apologies for any inconvenience. 




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