Transfer chat requests among agents/departments without taking a chat

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  • James Peterson
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    Hi Hai Yen,

    Thank you for taking the time to post your feedback.  In order to help our Product Managers better understand your needs, I'd like to gather more information about your situation.

    Are you currently having agents triage your chats, that is going through the chats and trying to assign them to the appropriate agent or department rather than having the appropriate agent or department take the chat from the queue?  Is there a reason you don't want your agents to type an initial message, such as "Thank you for contacting support, I'll be transferring your chat to the appropriate department" before doing the transfer?  The more detail you can provide about your workflow the easier it will be for us to understand your needs.

    -- James Peterson

  • Lance Le Roux
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    Hi there, 

     We are working with multiple departments (6 in total).There are cases where a customer will select support department but he/she is one of our "Special" customers and should be dealt by a host.

    As the customer is already in the support department queue, the Shift Leader cannot reassign the chat to the Host without taking the chat first. It would be great if a Shift Leader, can assign a chat to a department/agent without the customer even knowing he has been transferred to a different department. This will save the Shift Leader time and the customer will feel that he/she is always been taken care of. 





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