Clickable ticket links in Drillthrough?

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  • David Olson

    I'd also greatly benefit from this (formerly available in Insights) functionality.  I'm really surprised there isn't a way to allow viewers of a dashboard or report to click through to the ticket IDs just like they could in the previous system.  Hoping I'm just missing something and it's a matter of finding the right article about it!

  • Pete Holborow

    I'm still surprised that this isn't default behaviour? Making it harder to get to the relevant tickets from a report seems like a step backwards. It works fine in Insights.

  • Chris Stock
    Community Moderator

    Another vote for this functionality.

  • Thomas Goseberg

    This thread is nearly 2 year old - I am looking for this (basic) functionality and it seems its still missing. Has anyone found a workaround meanwhile?

  • Stephanie Mao

    same, need this functionality!

  • Brettany Rhodes

    Yes, this functionality would be tremendously helpful!

  • Vladimir Petrushenka

    I think the functionality meant to be added by end of March 2021. Eugene Orman is there any update on this? Many thanks 

  • John Streeter

    Finally figured out how to use Drillthrough today, but it would be FAR more useful to be able to click the ticket and go directly to it! I was even showing the rest of my leadership team how to use Drillthrough, and they were surprised one couldn't click into the ticket from there. So was I. 


    Very hopeful this functionality is added soon!

  • Lena Borisenko

    I didn't even realize this was not an available functionality.  It existed with insights.  I am constantly having to prove that Zendesk is a better tool for us than SFDC, and it becomes so difficult to do, which functionality like this is missing while it exists with all the reports in SFDC.  All we need is to be able to click on the ticket number and have the dashboard take the user to the actual ticket.  As somebody above mentioned, you can't even copy/paste ticket numbers from queries/dashboards.


    I envision another difficult internal conversation about the lack of this functionality.  Product team, is there any talk about adding it?  Please! 



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