Caller ID on outbound calls

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  • Neil Weldon
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    Hi William,

    It is possible to add an external number, which is a number not in Talk but which can be used for making outbound calls and using the Caller ID of that number. Details on how to do that are here.

    Otherwise the Caller ID of Talk numbers should be preserved when making outbound calls.

    Hope that helps with your issue


    Neil Weldon | Director of Product

  • Erika H
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    @Neil Follow up question - my company recently launched Talk and it has mostly been a success.  We were eager (and able) to add our external number for the outbound caller ID.  Unfortunately, we didn't realize that the "callback calls" feature would still display the ZenDesk phone number from the group the customer was routed to.  We assumed that our external number, when configured as the only "outbound calls enabled" number for the account, would override the caller ID across the board.  Is there any plan of expanding that functionality so that our customers consistently receive callbacks from our longstanding/reliable/trusted external phone number?

  • Randell Meadows
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    We also are interested in this functionality. Seems like an easy fix. The work-around provided here with another external number is far from ideal.



  • Sydney
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    This is a huge issue for us as well. We need our calls to customers to show our Caller ID -- business name not phone number. Otherwise we just look like one of the many phone spammers out there and our customers don't answer because they don't know it's us. This feature would have such a massive positive impact on all your customers' businesses, Zendesk!

    I see that Zendesk has closed some threads asking for this even though the only thing that was solved was to show phone number caller ID, not business name



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