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  • Harish Chilbule


    Thanks for your feedback. This is a know limitation we have put in place in V2 since a ticket is assigned to a conversation.

    How often you get into this situation ? do you notice lot of your chats reporting multiple issues which need to tracked on separate tickets ?

    In V1, many customer had issues with chats creating multiple or duplicate tickets per chat which is why V2 binds a chat with a single ticket. This also works well when a chat get transferred to another agent or even if it gets reassigned due to auto chat routing.

    We would consider allowing multiple ticket per chat using manual ticket creation button in future. Right now it is not on the immediate roadmap. 

  • Evan Aldrich

    Thanks Harish. This is a key use case for us. We're using chat for internal support through someone's shift, so it's not uncommon for them to chat us multiple times for completely different issues.

  • Harish Chilbule


    Zopim chat channel does not close even if an agent ends a chat from his end, it is is left open for the visitor to send the message.  A chat really ends when visitor leaves your website or ends the chat proactively or is idle for 20 min.

    What is your team's common chat workflow ? does your team ends a chat proactively when they answer a question or resolve an issue? And hence you have multiple agents joining a same chat? or your website tends to have customers lingering for hours on a webpage ?

  • Evan Aldrich

    Hi Harish,

    Thanks. We can use that workaround for now, but would love to be able to "force" end the chat from our side or create a quicker timeout.

  • 吉井

    Totally agree ! We need the button to close the chat  from our side.

  • D. J. TAYLOR


    We proactively end our chat sessions with customers and then go to Zendesk to solve the ticket.  We need a new ticket created for each chat request instead of appending the existing solved ticket from that user.

  • Melynda Marie Jackson

    This is an issue too because agents are graded on productivity, so when a customer repeatedly asks different questions in the same window even after an agent closes, it gets routed to a second agent who then is not given credit for the time spent with that customer.  Any work around?

  • Donato Dileo

    Any WA?

  • HELMINGER William

    How can issues like these remain open for over 3 years with apparently no action being taken by zendesk? Anyway, why not give licensed users the choice of how they prefer to handle chats that have been closed, instead of locking the system? This is all a bit frustrating to be honest.

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi William -

    We keep product feedback conversations open for users to continue to up-vote or add their comments to so long as the conversation remains active and it is something we have not determined that we would absolutely never do.

    However, we receive thousands more feedback requests every year than we can act on. As a result, there are sometimes threads that stay active for long periods of time but never make it to the top of the priority list for a variety of reasons.

  • Lateesha Clark

    Hi Zendesk,

    Not sure if there is a more recent community post on this, but I'll post my feedback here. Let me know if it is needed anywhere else.

    We recently implemented Zendesk Chat and not having each chat interaction break into a separate ticket is doing a disservice to our agent productivity goals. Our agents are held to a productivity standard of x tickets solved per day/week/month. Since chat tickets are not broken down by interaction we have some agents never getting credit for the chat they have handled.  I would love to see a feature like this or even a workaround.  This is significantly impacting the way we calculate agent productivity and provide our team compensation for their hard work.

  • Trevor Kanaya

    Hi all,


    We'd like for the same thing. We have a situation where issues from a chat sometimes need to be escalated to a different team, and it makes no sense to have to escalate an earlier ticket with a totally different issue on it just because it was still open when the new ticket came in. In addition, it means the assignee of the ticket changes so the original agent working the original issue on that ticket can no longer work it in the meantime. And finally, as everyone else is saying, it messes up our productivity metrics as that solve can then only be attributed to one agent even though two agents worked it and solved two separate issues on it.


    The option for a 1:1 ratio between chats started and tickets created would be ideal.





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