Improvements to Rapid Resolve

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  • Pete Holborow

    Totally agree with all of these points.

  • Ben Bullock

    For the second point, we needs to be able to report on when the Rapid Resolve pop up response is negative i.e when the article did not solve the issue, alongside your suggestion on logging an event when the ticket is solved.

  • Thomas Joussot

    I also totally agree all of this!

  • Anton Maslov

    First, one bag is really dangerous, we had cases when an agent accidentally clicked and ticket got solved while it is not.

  • Tobias Hermanns

    Yes, we also run into that, an it show that Enduser solve ticket with INTERNAL article, so risky.



  • Crystal Little

    Any updates to the two points Terry noted? 

  • Chandra M

    I just disabled this because an agent accidentally solved a ticket with it.

    I thought it would be useful so that we could report on tickets that were marked solved using the app, but if that is not possible I'm not sure what the point of this functionality is.  

  • Jamie McLaren

    "There is no logged event on a ticket in cases where the Rapid Resolve pop-up is used to solve a ticket. This means that you can't report on how successful it is or set any triggers/automations based on it. This behaviour should be added."

    This is exactly what I came here looking to discuss.  We have a custom field named "Outcome" that gets populated upon each ticket getting solved.  Those that are auto solved due to no response from requester are caught by an automation that populates this for any blank fields after a couple of hours.

    I want to implement an automation in between these that sets "Outcome" to "Solved by Rapid Response", but as there appears to be no way to identify such a ticket, I'm stuck.

    Have tried a trigger using:

    "When Ticket is Updated"


    "Comment Text contains "found a solution in the following article and marked the ticket as Solved.""

    ...but Zendesk Support doesn't appear to count a ticket being closed by Rapid Response as it being "updated" as such.

    If anyone has any further ideas I'd be very grateful.  +1 to this suggestion, perhaps a tag being added when Rapid Response fires would be a good start.

  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    I've been running into more scenarios where token based links give credit to the requester for the actions of someone else (see satisfaction survey responses completed by automatic link openers).  I would like to see improvements to these sorts of implementations within Zendesk to include at a minimum better methods to track when these occurrences are happening. 

    We recently started seeing Rapid Resolve pop up and didn't realize an agent had clicked a link to solve a ticket.  It was extremely confusing with the current docs to understand how Rapid Resolve works by default and that an agent clicking a link was going to give credit to the requester of the ticket. 

    I'd love to see some documents get updated around this (the link in the original post here is no longer around and it's the introduction to Rapid Resolve) and I'd be curious to know if Sunshine features like Guide Events and the EAP app to display them might open up some channels to provide more visibility here in the short term. 

    I'll also expand on a use case where I think agents should see pop ups - internal help centers may have agents that need to submit tickets and they may be searching the knowledge base to work with other teams.  If an agent in this scenario has to tiptoe around the knowledge base or be cautious of every link they see, it's going to diminish the value of this feature for those use cases. 

    It looks like it's been a while since there's been an update here, but I've added another vote in the hopes that something is coming in this space. 

  • David

    Hi there, on point 2 original request - Zendesk definitely has this functionality now. We use Support Professional. A ticket event is logged automatically under Rapid Resolve, the Requester's name and the article link used that resolved their query. The ticket is also changed to solved status, all automatically. Happy days!

  • Rob Mullins

    Has anyone attempted to set up a trigger when a ticket is closed by Rapid Resolve to inform the assignee the end-user has solved the ticket off the back of the article we have brought to their attention?

    At the moment our agents are reporting the ticket is simply marked as solved and disappears from their Assigned to ME views, and the feedback was they would like to know when this happens, so I set up the trigger as follows: 

    Which is also set to email the assignee as an action, however, this trigger never fires when a customer has solved a ticket using the Rapid Response. 

    Any advice would be much appreciated.  

  • Crystal Little

    Hi Rob, 

    We asked Zendesk this same question, set up a report on a trigger that did not work. After following up again with Zendesk, the response was:


    February 21, 2019 09:49
    Hello Crystal‍,

    I'm very sorry if the workaround didn't work out as it seems like a trigger currently can't detect the comment added by rapid resolve.

    I've marked this conversation as product feedback for review, which means that your input will be aggregated as a part of our Voice of the Customer program that provides customer feedback to our product development teams.

    In addition, I encourage you to create a new post in the General Product Feedback topic in our community to engage with other users who have similar needs and discuss possible workarounds. Conversations with a high level of engagement ultimately get flagged for product managers to review when they go through roadmap planning.

    We truly value customer feedback and your voice and votes in the forums help influence future Zendesk functionality.

  • Rob Mullins

    Hello Crystal Little,

    Thank you for the input, I have taken your advice and added a new post. 

    Let's hope this speeds up the process of this one getting sorted as this function has a lot of potential for us. 

  • Viacheslav Parshin

    Upvoting both Terry's points, especially first one.

    Zendesk's official stance on agents seeing Rapid Resolve's pop-up box to close a ticket when viewing articles is to either educate agents or stop using Rapid Resolve.

    I believe educating agents about product's shortcomings is really not the best course of action.



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