Best practices for sending environment credentials

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  • Amie B
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    Hi Chris,


    You could look at adjusting your existing workflow to do it via SMS. Zendesk has an SMS feature built in, incase you want to use that instead of BurstSMS. 

    Your other option, which might be a bit more secure is to use a third party (not sms) to provide the actual password to the customer. 

    Onetimesecrect - this one you input the password and then it generates a link for you to give to the customer. customer clicks on link and can then retrieve the password. Free to use

    Stickypassword - This one does the same kind of thing. Free to use and also a premium plan available. 

    Hope this helps and that someone else might chime in with some ideas for you as well on here. :)



  • Christopher Reeves
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    Thanks Amie, that is helpful in particular the comment re Zendesk's SMS feature.



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