Recover (soft) deleted user

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  • Pierre Joseph De La Fonchais
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    I have the same problem.

    I use Proactive campaigns and this API delete some users.

    I cannot recover soft deleted users.

  • Gil
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    Recover a deleted user seems like basics, and ZD not supporting this even though a support ticket is crazy

    The delete button is placed in the triangle menu (top right in the user's view) - where you think this type of option will exist whereas your best practice page suggests that you should do 2 actions when an agent leaves the company - downgrade the user and then suspend the account. It's unlikely that anyone with no prior knowledge will even see those options as relevant without reading about it somewhere and there's no real motive to search for it.

    The warning says "Are you sure you wish to delete the agent **? This will unassign all tickets assigned to this agent that have status less than Closed." alert before you delete it.

    The other outcomes from this action are NOT written:

    • Typically, Zendesk warns you before doing permanent actions. This does not
    • This destroys statistics


  • Karen D Snyder
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    We really need to be able to recover a deleted user. What is the point of having a soft delete if you can't recover the user? An agent left our organization, and his manager deleted his user account because he was not aware of the best practice, so now we have lost the information on tickets that he handled.

    If there is not going to be the ability to recover a soft-deleted user, then as Sebastiaan wrote, there should be a different warning that is displayed when deleting an agent, and it should include the link to the best practices.



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