I should be able to create a view for the tickets I'm CC'd on

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  • Jon Gray

    To add to this.. So many other users have requested this and Zendesk has repeatedly refused to prioritize this. What do I need to do to get traction on this? 


    This is a crucial piece that is missing. Very Very frustrated. The more I explore Zendesk the limitations become more and more apparent.

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Jon -

    The product team hasn't opted to spend development resources on since you can already get a view of your cc'd tickets from within your agent profile.

    If you click on your profile and select "CCs" from the assigned tickets dropdown, you have a view of all of the tickets you're cc'd on.

  • Jon Gray

    I already know this... Seeing as you can already filter in the profile without issue surely putting this into the View page shouldn't be hard.

    From the very brief search I did it seems most customers are already asking for this - Zendesk should be listening to the customers and as this could be an easy implementation consider actually doing something about it.

  • Iain Fulton

    We definitely should be able to have a view for CC's as the functionality is already in ZenDesk.  As our company continues to grow this is going to continue to be an issue with us.

  • Ryan Ishmael

    Creating a view that would allow employees to view tickets they have been cc'd on would be greatly beneficial. Asking our employees to view their cc'd messages by going into settings>people>then filter is an inconvenience. 

    Our company would benefit from this feature. Thank you

  • Jay Espinoza

    Since you can see CC'd tickets on Agent Profile SO it's not a view condition

    But you can see Assigned tickets on Agent Profile too SO why do we have that as a view condition for tickets assigned?

    You can see Requested tickets on Agent Profile SO why can you use that as a view condition.

    It just makes ZERO sense that the answer is you can see them on the Agent Profile.  I'd rather you take it off the Agent profile so you could make it a view condition.  

    But as I see it; it makes more sense to leave it on the agent profile so management can use the profile to see the Requested, Assigned, and CC'd tickets.  Then have CC as a view condition to make it more convenient for agents to do their jobs in one place. Sort of like having the ability to just see the tickets you want to see all in one VIEW.  

    CC view condition has been a consistently requested feature since 2014, we need you to listen to the community.

  • Louis Evangelista

    Needed this feature too. It will really help and not let you loose track of CCs items. Not good when you loose track.

  • Tal Admon

    +1 Looks like an important missing feature.

    An executive wants to see a list of tickets he is CCed on - he'll never be assigned to one. managing it by tags is no scalable (also, prevents creating a generic view that fits for all)

  • Joery Keizer

    It's insane that this isn't available. This is so basic, must add!

  • Andy Broughton

    Why is every other conceivable filter possible, except this, the most useful of all filters?

    It makes no sense.

    And, profile is not a solution, because it's additional clicks, shows ALL tickets instead of open ones, you have to click to see whether it's assigned or you're cc'd, it's not an answer. Why have filters at all if you have to use something like this to find your tickets?

    Using tags is no good because I can't simply specify "all tickets assigned to me or that I'm cc'd on" There's no tag for "me".

  • Sergio Valerio

    Same request here.

    Profile is not a solution because it involves more clicks and also beacuse it's not available on the Mobile App. Views are instead available on the Mobile App.

  • Steven Daugherty

    It's absolutly a needed feature for us.

  • GG Gonzalez


    What is the status of this request?

    This feature is especially important for my organization. Our customer success representatives follow our agent's tickets to stay up to date on the request and it gets frustrating when there are tons of tickets with no proper way to display/organize/sort them.


  • Weverton Naves

    It is a feature needed. I can create a view where my action may be needed but the ticket is not assigned to me or my team.

  • Steve Key

    My agents could really use this feature.



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