Is there a way to export all the Macros that we have created?


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    Nicole - Community Manager
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    Hi Mary - 

    One of our community moderators wrote up a tip on how to do this: 

    How to export Zendesk macros into a spreadsheet 

  • Mary Paez
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    Wow!  This was very helpful.  Do you think ZD will offer easier ways to do this (rather than rely on a customer to write code to do it)?

  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hi Mary,

    I replied to your other post that addresses exporting Help Center content. I've copied the information below:

    "Hey Mary,

    There are are a couple of options for exporting Help Center content as mentioned here: Help Center data export

    The most common method I've seen is through Kbackup integration that was developed in our App Marketplace: kBackup

    If you have any questions regarding the integration you'll want to reach out to the developer directly.

    Hope this helps!"

    As for an easier method to export macros, there's currently nothing on the roadmap. It looks like we have a feedback post related to this functionality (Import /export Macros) which I encourage you to upvote and provide your use-case.




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