Auto Solve Tickets reopened by a "thank you" response

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  • Mihaela Dragota

    Hi Jason,

    You can create a trigger to help you with it.

  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Community Moderator

    Hi Jason Cooper, although you can create a specific trigger like Mihaela Dragota wrote, be careful how you set that trigger.

    Although you can detect the string 'thank you' in a comment. this isn't flawless because there is no way to guarantee the user only wrote that (check this comment for more detail).

    I do agree it would be a very useful feature so please do feel free to upvote that feature request :-)

  • Hanan Cohen

    I ask my supportees in my company to not thank me so someone opened a Slack channel called #supprtappreciation and this is nice and heartwarming, It also solves this problem.



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