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  • Graeme Carmichael
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    For a count of the number of public comments made by an agent, use a custom metric:

    Your report can then use:


    • Updater


    • Date (event) is Yesterday

    This will give a count by agent. You can add the ticket id to the HOW section if you need individual ticket details.

  • Manish Bhardwaj
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    Hey Graeme,

    Thanks for your reply.


    But the custom metric you shared is giving me an error


  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hey Manish,

    It looks like you're copying and pasting or manually typing the metric that Graeme provided you. You'll need to select the appropriate attributes/metrics in the metric sidebar instead. More information can be found in the following article: Creating custom metrics in Insights

    Hope this helps!



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