Multiple Tickets from Email with Multiple Support Addresses

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  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Harry,

    Great question! I'm not aware of a way to accomplish this natively, however, maybe other users have set up a similar workflow in their own Support account. I'm going to add this to our monthly Community Roundup to help get more eyes on this question.


  • Marco Chong

    We have the same requirement and it's preventing us from scaling our Zendesk implementation. Appreciate any help and advice!

  • Toa Bhaduri



    We have the same concern. Do we have a solution for this?




  • Andrew Soderberg
    Community Moderator

    Harry Wahlgren TLDR; I don't know of a direct solution to the specific question, but I have alternate scenarios that may help? I need more info, I'm trying to understand the use case for for this? 


    Is it that the requester is blasting it to multiple groups because they don't know who the right target is, or that they want to be sure someone responds, or some other use case completely?

    Are your email addresses for each separate group associated with specific products/services (each group responsible for different product/services)?

    Or, are the groups regional/timezone related (e.g. handling any request, but providing 24/7 support: APAC, EMEA, AMER)?

    Since the email has the same content that all the groups would get (given 1 ticket or several tickets), how should each group know what is their responsibility?

    If multiple tickets could be created from the one email, how would each group know that their response doesn't conflict with another group's response?

    With multiple tickets the requester would get multiple replies from different groups to the same request (diff ticket numbers), and it could be very confusing for them to keep things straight. It is then on the requester to manage the multiple tickets.

    I could see this working if there is no requirement to respond to the requestor (except at completion), that tasks are being created from one email to multiple groups.

    If that is the use case then maybe the content of the email could be formatted consistently such that you could trigger off of a one or more unique text phrases to send notices to each group about their tasks. and their could be custom fields for each group to set their status(es). Then complete the one ticket when all are groups' tasks are complete. Triggers could check for the completion settings in multiple fields and then route to a single team to solve (or even auto solve).

    Our use of multiple support email addresses:

    We have 13 different email addresses for incoming support in Zendesk (each associated with either supporting a product/service or a specific function for our customers, e.g. licensing, reports, fulfillment). Each email also is associated with a particular web form (several email addresses share the same form, and triggers set a custom field in the form based on the email source, to then notify the right group). We only promote the email addresses to the specific target audience, or they are linked from within the product/service. We don't have a place where customers would see multiple email options.

    For 24/7/365, we have triggers that push the ticket to the right team based upon time schedules (3 shifts plus weekend), whether coming from to one common email address support@ or coming to alternate emails addresses, but need to get directed to the right timezone team for a prompt response.

    For emails to unique group addresses, we have triggers that then associate it with the proper form, and notify the group responsible.

    If the multiple group recipients is because customers don't know who to send to, then a plan to communicate with the requesters on what email to use is needed. If none of the above, and you've got a unique use case, I return to my first statement, I need more info. =)




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