Email Support Address with cc not creating ticket with cc

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  • Louise Dissing
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    Hi Yamile,

    Zendesk should be adding the persons who are CC on the email to the Zendesk ticket.

    My thought is if you've allowed your end-users to CC?
    You can go to Zendesk Support -> Admin -> Settings -> Tickets and configure your CC options.

    Let me know if it helps you! :-)

    #helpsome regards,
    Louise Dissing
    Team Lead @

  • Yamile Martinez
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    Before i answer this one; i have another issue which is intriguing; My client submitted through email a request and cc a registered user.  When the ticket was created only the requester was created and then for the automated notifications he got cc a user which was not part of any cc at random. 

    He is still receiving notifications on all can this happen?



  • Yamile Martinez
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    to explain further, the user that was cc did not get included in ticket and did not receive any notifications.  When the notifications on that ticket was sent, the email contained another user  in the cc and is still receiving emails on this ticket and for all tickets for that client.

    If there are groups of users in an Organization, are they automatically included to receive emails?  The user that is receiving these emails without being in the cc belongs to the same organization as the requester.

    Please let me know how this could happen or where to look; i am baffled.

    The notifications sent, has requester and cc's as the email users; could this be the issue?




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