Tickets created by shift - track tickets created by region


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    Amber Schemmel

    Hi Craig,

    If you have a way to identify which shift/region took a ticket, this would be possible!

    For example, if you are measuring all tickets created from 9am-5pm as shift 1, tickets created from 5pm-1pm as shift 2, and tickets created from 1am-9am as shift 3, you could make a Custom Group where you group together the Ticket Created - Hour attribute into those groups. This would be in the Tickets dataset. Then, you could measure tickets per those groups by simply have COUNT(Tickets) as the metric and your custom group as either the Column or Row attribute. 

    If you have a ticket field for the shift/region, you would simply use COUNT(Tickets) as the metric and then use that ticket field as the Column or Row attribute.

    Hope that helps! Thanks!

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

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