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    Eric Gao

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for taking part in our AMA!

    While Views are often great for validating data in queries (and vice-versa), there are a few caveats in both tools that might cause some discrepancy between the two sources.

    For Views, any Archived Tickets (tickets that have been closed for more than 120 days) would be excluded.

    For Explore, there are two specific tag-based caveats:

    1. It does not currently handle the OR logic (returning tickets that has either Tag 1 or Tag 2). But it does handle AND logic nicely.

    2. It does not currently handle the exclusion logic (returning tickets without a specific tag) due to the way tags are stored in Explore. However, we do offer a nifty workaround, which enables you to calculate the number of tickets without a specific tag, by using [total number of tickets] - [total number of tickets with a specific tag].

    Therefore the differences you are seeing between the two would likely come from one of the caveats above (especially when tags are involved). For tips on making tag-based queries more robust in Explore, we recommend checking out this detailed guide on tag reporting.

    Hope this helps Michael and let us know if you have any additional questions (:



  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

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