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    Eric Gao

    Hi Joanna,

    Thanks for taking part in our AMA!

    The short answer is yes - Explore does handle tag reporting. Here is a detailed guide on tag reporting that serves as a great starting point for Explore newcomers.

    However, there are some caveats to tag-based reporting in Explore:

    1. It does not currently handle the OR logic (returning tickets that has either Tag 1 or Tag 2). But it does handle AND logic nicely.

    2. It does not currently handle the exclusion logic (returning tickets without a specific tag) due to the way tags are stored in Explore. However, we do offer a nifty workaround, which enables you to calculate the number of tickets without a specific tag, by using [total number of tickets] - [total number of tickets with a specific tag].

    Hope this helps Joanna and let us know if you have any additional questions (:




  • Joanna W

    Thank you very much for your answer Eric. 

    I'm also using the exclusion logic to calculate such metrics as first reply time and CSAT( for tickets with and without a specific tag). Is there a workaround to achieve that as well?

    To give you a little insight, we have our own chat solution within Support, so it's the only method with which I can report correctly on chats and e-mails separately.



  • Eric Gao

    Hi Joanna,

    You are very welcome. Unfortunately the workaround for tag exclusion (in my previous post) would only get us a total count (for tickets without a specific tag) and not the actual underlying ticket data. In other words, the tag exclusion logic will not accurately calculate ticket data based metrics like the FRT or CSAT.

    However, it is on our future product roadmap to revisit the tag data structure in Explore and to revamp how tag data is stored (timeline TBD). The restructure of tag data will allow us to perform exclusion logic on tag in a more effective and efficient fashion (without relying on the current workaround).

    Hope this helps clarify. If you have any other questions regarding Explore, feel free to raise a ticket with us at and we'd be happy to assist (:



  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

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