Extend Relative dates / "days ago" for all dates in views (en)

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  • Bernd Rutzmoser

    "whatever ago" is the worst thing since China became Communist as you don't have any way to reference a previous post. You post now would probably now show "1 month ago" but 3 days it would still say the same. If I can say "on 10-Sep-2019 you wrote" you know what's meant, if I say "last month you wrote" ... happy searching!

    If you must do relative dates, at least add the real date somewhere ... the current hover doesn't really work as you can't copy or search it.

  • Jake Edwards

    I was referring to the Views area, not the posts thread. Though, now you mention it, could be useful there too -- perhaps in brackets i.e. 01/01/2019 (X Months Ago).

    Perhaps a bit dramatic, but I find our clients are a little more receptive (and I feel it's a bit clearer) to say 3 weeks ago then a specific date. Ultimately I want to optimize the time it takes to glance at a date and know "when" it was because relative time is usually more important than an exact date.

    Of course, there's arguments for/against. Wouldn't be opposed to a preference setting.



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