Programmatically sending MMS using Talk phone numbers

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  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Christian,

    Great questions!

    I'm going to add this to our monthly Community Roundup to help provide visibility to other users that may be able to offer up some advice for you.


  • Tramontina USA Inc

    This is a big gap in Zendesk. Maybe someone could guide us to an app or workaround.

    1) We want to increase text messages usage;

    2) Is is s friendly channel and broadly accepted by the consumers

    3) Let alone I cannot SEND a MMS, although I can receive. This is really weird.



    I need to switch to text with a click and send and receive anything. This is excellent for voice messages and abandoned calls follow up.


    This has been our great frustration with Zendesk. 

    We love the product. Just cannot understand this miss.


  • Montana

    Tramontina USA Inc Christian Rodriguez hi there! we recently started more heavily implementing SMS and trying to push customers from Voice to SMS. While MMS is not supported, we have found that shifting to SMS has been super simple for us. We control SMS use through triggers/automations, and also through the IVR. If we want to be able to send multimedia, we instead send a link to a help center article that the customer can open on their phone to see images/multimedia content. We are able to use the same phone number that the customer calls in on to send and receive SMS. Outside of specifically MMS support, what is it that you're struggling with when it comes to implementing SMS? Since I've just experienced setting this all up in our account, and it's working successfully for us, I'd be happy to help where I can! 

  • Tramontina USA Inc

    Montana, thank you for the note.

    We also want to use more SMS and of course MMS - because we do not have all pictures in articles when we simple want to show the consumer easily images.

    Anyway, the worse part is that as we get a voice message, we just wanted to text the consumer back instead of calling. It saves time.

    The we need to use triggers, add flags, that is really the frustrating part for us. 

    As we use email or voice, we want to do the same for SMS/MMS and combine the conversation.

    We end-up having to merge ticket, etc

    If you can share with me, i would appreciate that. We can do a quick call or you can send me an email




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