Improvement suggestion for Article Verification for Guide

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  • Ryan Boyer

    I agree with Gemma Atkins - specifically, when an article is "archived," the verification rule should be removed/no longer work.

  • Ryan McGrew
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thanks for the feedback here

    1. Verification is done for the article and its translations. So you would verify them all at once. You could assign/submit the Spanish translation to a Spanish speaker if you'd like that content to be reviewed. If you use a translation service for example, any update to the source language (say English) done during the verification process would go out to the translation service over the API for updates automatically. You can still verify the English article in the meantime. You won't get separate verification cycles between articles and translations.
    2. You can set Ownership to be a user or group, this control who receives the notification to verify the article.
    3. Agreed, we should exclude the Archived articles and it sounds like a bug if that's not happening. I'll follow up with the team on this.
    4. Good point about exclusion for sections. We'll look into this.
  • Ryan Boyer

    Ryan McGrew Thanks for the followup. I appreciate it.

  • Harriet Klymchuk

    This is the main post I could find that references the issue about archived articles pinging on the verification rules.  Is this still a bug, and if so, any update as to a fix?

    Also, +1 for us on excluding sections or having the ability to exclude labels from the article verification filters, that would be really good to have for content that doesn't need any further reviewing.




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