Contact center agents knowldege update

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  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hey Morvan,

    Excellent question! I'm going to get this posted added to our monthly Community Roundup to help provide visibility to other users who may be able to offer up some solutions for you.


  • Paul Tarling
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    Hey Morvan,


    I guess there's a number of ways you could do this. Given that your use case involves multiple areas, you might want to consider Zendesk's own free "Notifications" app - this lets you broadcast messages to all agents in Support, and we've found it super useful for communicating changes to Zendesk, or if we have a particular issue we need our agents monitoring. You can find it here:


    Zendesk have also recently released an integration with Atlassian's - for system maintenance, this can be an absolute god-send, and allows agents to see current and upcoming system maintenance within the agent interface. Statuspage isn't a free tool, but it's not expensive and super helpful. You can read about the integration here:


    Between these two tools, I reckon there's a solution in there for you somewhere :)



    Paul Tarling

  • Morvan le boulanger
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    Thanks a lot Paul.

    I could not find it, that is really useful for us.





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