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  • Simon Celen

    Hi Jason,

    I agree that the things you're asking for are not all that outlandish. I too would welcome more customization options throughout Help Center.

    That said, displaying the ticket group & assignee as well as renaming the status is doable without too much Javascript hassle, a single API call and no duplication of data to custom fields. It wouldn't be a hacky solution in my opinion.

    Implementing multiple filters is possible too but a bit more involved as that means redoing the display of the requests table, including its pagination.

    Let me know if I can be of help implementing any of this.

  • Jason Fouchier

    Hey Simon,


         Thanks for the response. I do agree that in my frustration, I missed used the term "hacky", but I believe my point that we shouldn't need to modify the JavaScript is valid. I would be very interested to know what your ideas are on the implementation of some of the things I was talking about. My JavaScript/JQuery skills are less then robust, so I am sure there is a better more efficient way to accomplish what I have done ( maybe subconsciously "hacky" was referring to my own I ended up needing to duplicate the assignee and group data into some custom fields, I then used an API call for each custom field that I wanted data from. What I wasn't able to accomplish was the multi-select dropdown menu, as I could not find a way to set the "select "status" helper as multiple. I look forward to your ideas, and thanks again for the response.




         Jason Fouchier



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