How can we implement the "Notifications" option in Guide to show recent activity on items followed, etc.?

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  • Ryan Gilomen
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    Hey Jeremy Robinson,

    I'm working on implementing notifications on our guide. Our current use case is for announcements, but I'm planning on expanding to include subscription notifications in the near future.

    For announcements, I'm using using the api to pull a unique tag that I apply to each of our announcements. When a user visits a page with that tag it creates an entry in their local storage (which expires in 60 days). The first page load checks for the for the entry in local storage. If their isn't an entry, the notification is displayed. We clear the tag from every article every 30 days.

    I'm thinking that there might be a similar way to do this with subscriptions by pulling from the api using
    "GET /api/v2/help_center/users/{user_id}/subscriptions.json" and maybe filtering by date modified. Unfortunately, I haven't dug too far into this part yet.

    As I make progress, I'll update. Please share if you come up with anything.


  • Jeremy Robinson
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    Thanks Ryan Gilomen, that's definitely an option, and I'll keep playing around with items on my end to try and match the sleekness of the notifications capability Zendesk is using (to highlight posts on articles being followed by the user, their own contributions, etc.). Looking forward to your updates and progress as well.

  • Nicky Lilja
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    Hi Jeremy Robinson and Ryan Gilomen.  I have put my vote on this :) 

    This is something we would also be very interested to implement. So i'm also looking forward to updates ;) 




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