ZEN <> JIRA integration question - does every 'reporter/user in ZEN' need a JIRA license?

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  • David Hall
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    Hi David, thanks for the question.

    No, that's not required - any of your agent/admin users will be able to create JIRA tickets using the integration.

  • David Barron
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    Thank you for the response David - apologies for the delay, one further question.

    If our zendesk user is not a user in Jira, can they still be tagged as the "reporter" in Jira? What happens in this scenario?

  • David Gillespie
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    Hi David,

    If the Zendesk user is doesn't have a JIRA license, they can still create a new JIRA issue using the integration, but they can't add themselves as the reporter because they aren't a user in JIRA.

    If a reporter is required is a mandatory field for creating a JIRA issue, then another JIRA user will have to be used.





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