Change wording of one of the priority fields

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  • David Artiss
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    I understand that the fields cannot be renamed by users, which is the point.

    I'm asking for Zendesk to step-up and make a change to the exclusive language being used in them.

  • Stephen Belleau
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    +1 to that! While I'm not personally concerned about the priority verbiage, I 100% agree that customers should be able to modify this. 

  • Thomas Verschoren
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    These default fields sadly can not be renamed by Zendesk.

    You could however create a custom dropdown with your own values and use triggers to set the priority based on those custom values.

    That way, your agents see your own wording, and you still get the build-in functionality.


    Triggers are similar to:

    - If ticket is updated

    - Custom Priority is changed to Medium


    - Set Priority to Normal


    And repeat this 4 times for high, urgent, normal and low.



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