return tickets based on signed in user/ticket assignee

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  • Amy Dee
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Daniel! A report like this should be possible, but it takes some effort to set up.

    The keywords THIS, PREVIOUS, and NEXT only apply to time ranges, so you wouldn't be able to use THIS with an attribute like Assignee. Instead, you'd need to use User-Specific Values in variables. GoodData has a quick guide for creating a variable here: Create a filtering variable.

    You can create variables in the GoodData interface, under Manage > Variables. Give your variable a descriptive name and choose the Ticket Assignee attribute. Then, scroll down to the User-Specific values section:

    This section allows you to choose which values appear for each individual user. For example, my test variable only shows me my own assigned tickets:

    This part can get tedious, since you need to manually select assignee values for every user in your project. Once it's complete, though, you can just drop the variable on any report. 

    For example, when I put this example variable on a simple report, I only see tickets that are assigned to me. I don't see any other tickets or assignees, because they aren't included in my values in the variable:

    If another user opens the same report with the same filter, they'll see whatever values I picked for them instead.

    This approach takes some time and effort to set up, and you need to update the variable as your teams change. However, it would give you a solid place to start for this type of report.

    I hope this helps! Happy reporting!



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