Allow for more than 5 recently viewed tickets for agents

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  • MTD Products AG

    Maybe more than five tickets would be too much from an agents perspective. 

    There's an app available, which shows you related tickets and it's called "Show Related Tickets" . You may try this with your team. 

    Another solution is to click on the folder "user" inside of a ticket. There the agent can see all tickets in regard of this customer. 

  • Jesse Asklund

    MTD Products AG it's our agents that are requesting this :)

    The problem is that adds yet another app to that side bar which quickly diminishes value.

  • MTD Products AG

    Yes that makes sense. 

    It would be nice to get an option by configuration of the app. For example: choose the number of recently viewed tickets (5,10,15,20). 

    May be the development of ZD is working on improvement?

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Bianca, 

    Given that this is a relatively new feature request, the team hasn't yet considered it. We plan development roadmaps on a quarterly basis, and usually 12-18 months out. If this request continues to get up votes and comments, the product team may review the request later this year to determine if it should be prioritized for development in the future. 



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