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  • Eric Acker
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    Hey Carlos!

    With the current choices that are available for date fields, there isn't an option for something along the lines of date field changed like we can for other conditions like Group or Assignee. Another limitation to the date field is that a specific date would be required, so I could see workflow being achievable when based around a specific date, but basing it around the change of the field wouldn't be possible.

    What might work better is a combination of this date change and a checkbox field (which we can use its presence in a trigger) to then notify the extensions as you'd like. 

  • Heather Rommel
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    Hi Carlos Escobar,

    I Agree with Eric Acker that you can't check if a date field is changed specifically. However, if you create a custom date field, you get more options than just "present" or "not present" in triggers.

    We have a similar use case and what we've done is included the date field in the emails that go out as part of the triggers.

    So something like this might help:

    Meet ALL of the following conditions: 

    • Ticket is Updated
    • Date Field is Present
    • Form is __ or Group is ___ (choose the narrowing options that work for your instance)


    • Email Group
    • Resource Name: {{custom field contents for the resource name}}
    • Date: {{ticket.ticket_field_ID }}


    In this way, the Date field is always visible. You can also add the date field to the subject of the email.

    Let me know if you need any additional clarification!





  • Brett - Community Manager
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