Ability to restrict Explore report view access to match Support groups

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  • Stephen Belleau

    That would definitely be helpful. I understood why this wasn't the case with Insights (due to Gooddata being external to Zendesk). With Explore, I expect this should now be possible. +1 for reporting to match group-restricted role settings!

  • Monica

    I agree this would be beneficial.


    Agreed - much needed feature for our large clients!

  • Mandy Holmes

    Has there been any development on this? Currently I have 4 groups running in Zendesk and I want to send a scheduled report to the management team responsible for each of the particular groups. Currently it sends everything and, as I send this as a pdf, they have no option to filter the results.

  • Samuel Mosher

    We would also find this helpful. We handle some restrictive processes in Zendesk and can't have the data for those ticket types surface to anyone but a select few in Explore. As a workaround, we have to make most users Viewers, which is more restrictive than we would like to be.



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