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  • Abdul Qabiz


    I think, the search result page will list ten results by default, and then show pagination.

    You can use REST API[1] to fetch results and list. The API returns 25 results in one request, and you can make a batch of requests to get up 1000 results.

    That said, there is a API rate limit, that is maximum number of API requests you can make per minute; it’s probably 700 maximum for enterprise subscription. There might as well be some delay - user searches from home or other pages, user lands on search result page, you read url query parameters, you make rest api calls, you get results in JSOn format, you parse and then append the template (html list). It gets a little complicated if you have to build your own pagination, let’s say if you show 100 items (result of 4 requests), and then show a pagination.

    You don’t want to make too many requests if your help center has a lot of traffic and there could be many users searching at same time.

    You can use a third party search service integrations, or probably build an caching proxy to optimise things but that’s complicated and comes with its own cost (of ownership).

    Unless you think (based on your analytics data and user survey) it’s really important to do, it’s not worth making things complicated.


    Abdul Qabiz
    Team Diziana



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