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  • Toby Sterrett
    Zendesk Product Manager

    @... I'm unfamiliar with this app and how it works... I'll try to see if there's anything that can be done, perhaps at the app level or something. Thanks for the detailed use case!

  • Joel Hellman

    Just adding my note we have the same exact issue. 

    The root cause is that some Zendesk set ups use Groups for containers to collect other things than tickets, for example, to assign views or to grant access to apps, or even macros.

    Every time you then need to show a list of Groups to which agents can assign tickets, ALL the groups are listed, because Zendesk don't have a concept of group categories or group namespacing.

    E.g. if a group had a property like: canHoldTickets: true|false, that apps as well as ZD could hook into whenever a list of groups to which tickets could be assigned is shown, this could be solved.

    Otherwise, we also get this typical confusing assignment view in the stock assignment selections:

    I don't mind if ZD solves this problem by solving the underlying issue, instead of adding a new space where us customers can put ZD apps and run our filter code, just to workaround this underlying issue. 

    Many customers probably don't consider/bother with this anyway, with the end result that some tickets might end up in groups that are not properly staffed or represented in reports. 



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