Public replies from Zendesk are not being received by the requesters and CCs

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  • Andrew J. Mills
    Community Moderator

    Are you using a custom domain?
    If so, check correct domain email setup, dkim, spf permissions. Could be falling into a spam filter

  • Donald Cornel

    Hi Andrew,

    Yes we're using a company domain email.

    Just to give you an idea of its current status.

    Right now Im verifying on the spf and dns records.

  • Donald Cornel

    Hi Fallon Albrecht

    Thanks for sharing this article. Im not aware of such until I read it.

    Though this pertains more on the Trigger email notifications minimizing the use of some placeholders to prevent spammers attack, right?

    My question however is when an agent manually reply publicly on a ticket to the end-user, then there's no email that the recipients are receiving.

  • Austin Lacey
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Donald,

    Based on the screenshot you provided, it appears that you haven't set up the DNS records / SPF to allow Zendesk to send on your behalf. As a result, these emails may be getting blocked due to your SPF settings. 

    I would suggest completing the steps in this article to set-up the DNS records for your domain:

    Once this has been added, please let us know if you have further issues with receiving the replies.

  • Donald Cornel

    Hello Austin Lacey,


    Just verified my SPF and DNS as well, but upon trying it again to reply publicly still my recipient end-user did not get my message.

    Here's the Event details of my reply for your reference.

  • Donald Cornel

    This was already addressed to me by Ricardo

    Thanks everyone.



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