Is there a way that a final user access Zendesk Guide but cannot create tickets


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  • Rob Mullins

    Hello Maxime Leconte,

    The approach we took to this was to set up a custom User Field called - Valid User as a checkbox, which adds an appropriate tag of 'valid_user'.  This allows us to manually tick the checkbox when adding a new end user to the system, or leave it un-ticked for users we do not wish to allow to be able to log tickets. 

    We have a trigger in place which fires where the tag on the user is not found when they attempt to log a ticket into the system, then a notification is sent that they will need to ask a 'valid-user' to log a ticket on their behalf, this trigger is also configured to close the ticket. 

    Such 'non-valid users' are then able to access Guide. 





  • Maggie Ungerboeck
    Community Moderator


    We do something similar to Rob but we hide the Submit Ticket option if the user doesn't have the correct tag.


  • Maxime Leconte

    Hi Rob and Maggie. 


    Thanks a lot for your replies. I was able to do so and restric the access as I needed :)






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