Embedding Zendesk Help Centre in iframe

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  • Phil Williams

    Interesting as I was under the impression this couldn't be done.

    I'll have to check on a desktop though as the site doesn't function at all well on mobile.

    It does seem a little pointless however as the site design is relatively simple and would be a straightforward theme to create so I'm not sure why they didn't go down this route instead...

  • Ifra Saqlain
    Community Moderator


    I am not sure but I think they only map HC URL in src of iFrame and other functionality (show and hide by website link as a popup ) they did by CSS.

    <iframe title="End iFrame" src="https://endclothing.zendesk.com//hc" style="width:100%; height:200px"></iframe>


    Thank You


  • Alex Rubner

    Thanks for your replies, guys


    Ifra Saqlain yes, that's all I want to do, but Zendesk have a sameorigin policy which apparently makes this impossible


    Phil Williams yeah it would be relatively straightforward but I'm currently a one-man dev team so embedding it via an iframe like End is the easiest thing for me


    At this point, I really would appreciate some attention from Zendesk staff - this is an issue that *a lot* of your customers have raised over the years, and clearly someone's found a solution; if there's any way you can help us achieve the same thing as End, I think you'd be pleasing a lot of customers.


    Seriously - people have been asking this question since 2013 as far as I can see from the search results

  • Phil Williams

    The problem is Alex it does raise some security issues allowing capture within an iframe which is why so many sites disallow it or have frame breakers. I get there are going to be some edge cases where this could be useful but the benefits of taking the time to theme the helpdesk correctly outweigh the risks in my opinion.

    There are some excellent theme designers such as Diziana & Lotus Themes who can do the heavy lifting for you if time is of the essence.

    The funny thing is that looking at End Clothings portal they have made a considerable amount of changes to the helpdesk theme and done an excellent job. Sticking it in a frame like they have doesn't make any sense to me..



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