Agent Workspace Issues

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  • Martin Chong

    I have the same issue.

    In the process of editing a ticket, pressing the PgUp key on the keyboard causes the ticket page to shift up and to the left. That cuts the left panel by half. Very annoying!

    When that happens, it requires a page refresh/reload to get it back to normal.

    That happens to both Chrome and Microsoft Edge but not Firefox.

  • Sriram Parthasarathy


    This is very easily reproducible.  Type even a single character into the comment window and press the PgUp key, and the entire GUI for the site will shift to the left (leaving the entire whitespace on the right, per screenshot). Only workaround is to reload the tab, as Martin and Mark noted. I've noticed this started happening over the past month or two.  Prior to that, we never had this issue using Chrome, Edge, or Edge Chromium


  • Gadi Shiloah

    Same here - PgUp and the entire page shifts to the left also happens to us all the time. It would be great if this is fixed, or at least a workaround provided.

    EDIT: I added a comment about this also in this ZD support post

  • Antonina Vodovitska

    The same problem with  PgUp button.

  • Chandrakant Patil

    I am facing the same issue, when I hit the Page Up key the UI shifts to the left and I cannot see the ticket fields.

  • Paul Mack

    Hi all. This issue has always frustrated me but I have just found a workaround. Click outside of the text field and then press and hold Shift+Tab. This will cycle through hyperlinks and fields in the workspace until it selects something on the left hand side and shifts it back into the regular view.

  • Miguel Molina

    Great workaround, thank you!



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