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    Prateek Chhetri
    Zendesk team member

    Hey Maggie,

    I'm one of the developers for the Super Admin app. As you said, we had to change how the app functioned due to performance issues. Loading many pages at once across accounts was not feasible in the long run.

    With the new change, you can search for agents based on tags using the search box. If you need to find users or agents based on other criteria, one thing I can suggest at the moment is to perhaps try using Explore to run a report. I know this would be an added extra step but in the interim it might make things a bit easier for you.

    We're looking to make improvements to the app, and if it's feasible for us to bring back the old functionality we definitely will.

  • Maggie St. Clair

    Hi Prateek, 

    I really appreciate you replying to my post. Unfortunately, what we are looking for is users that are missing certain tags. We use tags for lots of our reporting in Explore as well as permissions for KB articles so it is very important that we get all users set up with the appropriate tags. Each month we have a bunch of users that are setup and do not get the necessary tags. We also need to adjust tags on users at certain organizations if they move into a different categorization or user type (i.e. Enterprise vs Core, Super Users, VIP, etc.). The Super Admin tool was awesome to help me find all of those users and fix them quickly.

    Prior to this app I tried to use Explore to at least gather the list and it was a struggle (probably just my lack of understanding the full Explore tool). But regardless, I could not do mass updates in Explore so that was the best part about Super Admin. 

    I understand performance issues and needing to find ways to mitigate them. Hopefully down the road you will consider adding to the Super Admin app additional options for filtering like the ability to exclude tags. It would also be very helpful if additional fields we available to view and filter by on this list like organization, phone number, etc. It would also be really nice if you would show both the page count for the active and suspended users as well as a total count of all active and all suspended users. Being able to see those total numbers would be very helpful. 

    For now we will need stop subscribing to this app as it is not worth the money but maybe down the road some changes will be made to make it a valuable tool once again. 



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