Out of the Office App - Tickets are not updating

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  • Kay
    Community Moderator

    I have seen happen once or twice, but not regularly. Most of the time a hard refresh of the browser resolved it.
    The app doesn't have any logs for it, other than the maybe the browser Developer Console.

    Do you have custom permissions set-up? Or does the app have any restrictions set-up?
    I've seen agents use the checkbox on their profile instead of the app on the right, which caused some issues.
    Also, could you share a screenshot of the error?

  • Administrator

    Thanks Kay for the response.  This happens a lot to us.  At first it was reported every now and then but as we have increased the number of tickets, this happens a lot more.  It also happens to several of our agents and not just one.  The reason I do not think it is permission based, I am the Admin on the account and I get the same issue when it put someone out of the office.  

    There are no special permissions/restrictions.  As for the tickets the agent has to be in a specific group to see and update tickets.  I have reviewed the tickets on an agent and all tickets that are open are in that specific group so I do not think that is the issue.  This mostly happens when we select the Out of Office App on the left side of the screen and not from a specific ticket.

    As for a screen shot of the error - I do not have but it is very simple and not a lot of info.  It says...not all tickets were updated...

  • Kay
    Community Moderator

    I've just tested this in my test account. And used the same configuration you have.
    As long as the toggle switch isn't used, I haven't come across any errors.

    The only things I can think of

    a) is that the request timed out, due to the amount of tickets.
    With the logging it takes even more time.
    b) too many API requests because other apps used in your account.

    Other then that it seems you are using it as intended. I've reached out the Community Team see if they can get you connected with the support team.

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Administrator,

    I've created a ticket on your behalf so our Customer Care team can dig into this further.




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