Analyzing Help Center search results > Export (as non-account owner)??

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  • Chandra Robrock
    Community Moderator

    Hi McCabe Tonna - Interesting! I actually never realized this CSV export was intended to be limited to only account owners.

    Taking a look on my end, I can confirm that I'm able to successfully download the export by clicking on the 'CSV' link near the top right of my screen on the Reporting > Search tab. I'm not the Account Owner, but I do have Admin permissions.

    If you have Admin permissions, mind double checking to see if you're able to view this 'CSV' link? I'm wondering if that help article needs to be updated.

  • McCabe Tonna
    Community Moderator

    As admin, this is what i see.


    I'm account owner to other Zendesk accounts and I can see the CSV download button - it's hidden (and unavailable for non-owners)



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