Duplicate Tickets

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  • Kay
    Community Moderator

    Is this still happening or has this been in only last week?
    Does it happen to all users? Or a subset?
    What is the Guide Theme you're using?

    Sounds like something's definitely off. 

  • Wendy

    We've got to the bottom of it.  The users were using Internet Explorer.  When they use Chrome or Edge, the duplication didn't happen.

    This hasn't happened previously when users raise tickets via IE, so I'm wondering what has changed?

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Wendy,

    It looks like IE isn't a supported browser as mentioned here: Zendesk Support system requirements. With Microsoft discontinuing IE, we are focusing on optimizing our products for Edge instead. If you're experiencing issues with IE I'd recommend switching browsers which should help prevent these sort of issues.

    Let us know if you have any other questions!



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