Add formatting (rich text editor) to dynamic content

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  • Bonnie Schofield

    definitely a great idea - plus one!

  • Rudolph

    Brilliant post. +100! 

    Our team currently uses Markdown because it allows formatting in Dynamic Content, but we'd much rather use Rich Content.

  • Jacob Allen Wood

    I just wish ZD markdown functioned as described, or like it exists outside of ZD. ZD's implementation of it is extremely buggy and difficult. Rich Text would solve all those issues.

  • Maria Utard

    Hi Zendesk

    I've asked for this functionality since 2013. Any news on this?

    Thanks, Maria

  • Rudolph

    Maria Utard - Dang, you have me beat by about 4 years. I just don't get how we're supposed to communicate both effectively and professionally with customers all over the world if we can't format our emails in their languages?

    But then if we stick with Markdown (as we currently are) we can't take advantage of ZD features like Agent Workspaces which is only compatible with Rich Text.

    It's a very frustrating bind to be in.

  • Kristin Bouveng

    100% agree this is needed

  • Paul

    +1 this is a pretty massive degradation of end-user experience. This is a major hole in your system when converting from unlocalized macros to dynamic content + makes doing it programmatically impossible

  • Sarah DORE

    +1 being able to formatting dynamic content is definitely needed

  • Chad Susa

    +1 It would be be nice to hyperlink images as well - without having to use Markdown (host image file somewhere, use markdown syntax, turn of RTF in product, etc etc - yuk!). All throughout the Zendesk products including Support etc (eg: Macros)

  • Patrizia Eberhart

    that would help a lot in deed, a +1 for sure!

  • Joshua

    That's great to hear Amisha Sharma! Is this something that will be slowly rolled out? I don't see it available on my end. 

  • Amisha Sharma
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Joshua - Sorry for my earlier comment (now deleted), I was looking at a different part of the product. I've contacted the product manager for this area and I'll see if they can add a response here. Thanks for your engagement on this post & apologies again!



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