Tracking views for specifc article in Zendesk Guide.

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  • Kay
    Community Moderator

    Hi Jason 👋

    I believe there currently only is a way to achieve it with some development and external logging, as Guide is not yet fully supported in Explore.

    Here's how I would roughly design something like that.
    As soon as someone reads the article (and maybe even only after a x amount of time).
    You could make an API call to Google Analytics or a Google Sheet, to log that someone has viewed an article.

  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    There are two early access programs that might be worth checking into.  

    Knowledge Base Reporting in Explore EAP is opening up view data. This doesn't appear to have specific users yet, but it would be a good time to share feedback as it is a new EAP. 

    Sunshine Guide Events app EAP gives you access to see events like article views by person using Sunshine events. This one focuses on showing events around tickets, but if you look at a user profile, you can see the article event history with this on a per person basis. 

    They won't necessarily get you what you are looking for cleanly, but they are windows into where Zendesk is moving and being an active voice in those spaces would be helpful in driving product decisions in how Guide data is presented. 



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