Attachments are not attached to E-Mails sent via ticket comments

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  • Ivan Kostov

    Hi all,

    We are experiencing the same issue with attachments. No changes were implemented prior, and the problem started appearing today.

  • Ivan Kostov

    Did some research and it turns out if you use {{ticket.latest_public_comment}} variable, despite having  Include attachments in email enabled, does not pass attachments to the end-user only text comments. We've managed to solve the issue by adding formatting - {{ticket.latest_public_comment_formatted}}. The downside is that the contents of the comment are displayed with Zendesk's default styling. 

  • Cedric Easton

    That must be new though. We have always used that variable and the attachment issues only arose yesterday. I wonder if something in the functionality on Zendesk side has been changed.
    This reference hasn't been updated in two months though. I would still consider this to be a bug rather than an intended change.

  • Ivan Kostov

    In my view, it is a bug and I am addressing it to their support team.

  • Venn Villanueva

    Hi Ivan and Cedric,

    Thanks for raising this! So, what had happened was our development team rolled out a feature that fixed a bug with this rich text placeholder that allowed our customers to use it for the inclusion of attachments.

    Due to an influx of tickets related to the issue, the fix has been rolled back, and we're evaluating the impact that this fix might've had on our customer's workflows.

    We will post an official announcement soon. Thanks!

  • Sebastian Kerekes

    Looks like this issue is back from its grave. Files attached to comments are not sent when using {{ticket.latest_public_comment}} anymore.

  • Libby Tooke-Mitchell

    We've also seen this issue recur today! Can someone from Zendesk please investigate?

  • Aran Liu

    Happening today



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